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Advanced Engineering & Robotics

The Best Robotic kit for primary school & high school is designed to develop problem-solving skills in year 2-8 students. Detailed lesson plans are available to teach project-based applications, game development and various electronic modules. Students will learn the applications of technology to the real world. “The Kit includes Lego® compatible bricks that allow students to design 40+ prototypes. Build-up projects include robotic arm, alarm clock, washing machine, sound activate lamp, amusement park rides, and much more for kids!!”

Why Engineering & Robotics?

In an ever-changing world where new technology is constantly integrated into our lives, we are faced with the problems never seen before.

From sustainable farming to self-driving cars, EdgeUTech Robotics model a range of real-world situations that teach students a complete understanding of how the technology works and used to solve the issue at hand.

The engineering lessons engage kids with a hands-on learning environment and immerse them in the applications and possibilities of modern technologies. Through PBL ( Project-based learning ), students combine hardware, Lego® compatible building blocks, and coding to create a prototype and solve real-world problems.

The projects are designed to encourage students to invent other viable solutions to these real-world issues and explore ways to utilize existing technology. The completion of these projects will boost confidence in students to overcome any challenge from working in their future jobs to solving our world’s current or future problems.a

Project-based Learning

Lessons and programs designed for 4 real world projects. These projects show step-by-step build-up of the prototype, explaining the use of each components and how each step will help accomplish the set objective.

Smart Car

Smart Farm

Smart Home

Build-up Projects


This Best Robotic kit for primary school & high school is also compatible with Lego® build-up projects.

There are 30+ build-up programs available to prepare students to solve problems and learn to build bigger projects. Choose to use your own Lego® building blocks or simply use the building blocks provided in the kit.

Hardware Module Lessons

The kit contains 20+ hardware components and each hardware has real-world applications. The lesson explains the functionality of the hardware and its use in various devices used in real life.


Develop problem solving skills
Learn engineering, coding, robotics and game development
Understand real-world problems and applications
Move from learning action